Alex Levin ~ His Jewish Painting Skills

Alex Levin ~ His Jewish Painting Skills

A Jewish Painting Approach

Born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1975, Alex Levin was always destined for an artistic career. He now resides in Israel and is one of the nation’s foremost Jewish Artists, admired by international figures such as Madonna, Oscar Peterson and Ezer Weizman.

Alex Levin’s Jewish Painting Art using both surrealistic and realistic styles and is adept at using a variety of materials such as oil, acrylic, pencil and charcoal. As well as this, he is skilled at tempura and oil, a 16th century technique that uses no brushstrokes and which Alex is trying to preserve. His studies are never complete, however, and he is still developing his art, wishing to expand into other areas.

Jewish Painting ~ A way to communicate.

"Alex Levin Jewish Painting"

Alex specializes in Jewish Painting Art, inspired from his years spent living and painting in Israel. Taking images of city landscapes, home scenes and everyday objects, he places them lovingly onto the canvas where they will be stored forever throughout time in a work of fine art.

 Through this, he hopes to pass on the traditions of the Jewish people as they have done for generations before. Alex Levin’s final goal is to compile a collection of images that preserve the identity and culture of his people, ensuring that they will remain strong for centuries to come.

As well as this, Alex Levin has also created a collection of Jewish Painting Artworks based on one of the most well-known Venetian traditions: the mask.

"Alex Levin Venise Art"

Offering a very unique look at the city of Venice, these paintings provide you with an almost jovial sense of fun as you gaze upon this wondrous city through the eyes of a Venetian mask. Because of these paintings, Alex Levin gained a scholarship to study at the Venice Academy of Art where he was able to develop his skills and knowledge even further and go on to produce additional works of art for a world crying out for more of his creations.


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