"Gendelman Judaica Art"

Irena Gendelman : Judaica Art takes a new prospective

Irena Gendelman : Judaica Art takes a new prospective

NER Art Gallery is proud to offer Irena Gendelman’s Judaica Art paintings in our fine art gallery.

Gendelman was born in the region of Crimea in what is now the Ukraine. Ever since she was a child, she was inspired by the cityscapes of the region as well as the natural beauty of the nearby Caucasian Mountains and the Black Sea. She gained a passion for art (and Judaica Art in particularly) when very young and this fueled her desire to develop her skills throughout school and later on in university. She then traveled to numerous cities in both Europe and the Middle East, letting her artistic style evolve and get inspired by Judaica Art. She eventually settled down in Israel where Judaica Art is so popular, where she has remained to this day.

"Gendelman Judaica Art"Focusing primarily on cityscapes, Irena uses the shadows and skylines of different urban environments to create detailed paintings full of passion and life. Opting for subdued colors and fine lines, she creates art that offers the viewer so much without overwhelming them. Her paintings are also textured, adding yet another level to the artworks that she so lovingly creates. These techniques combine to produce works of art that seem solid yet light, creating a sense of ethereal realism. All of this is possible thanks to the experience and the skill that Irena has built up during her many years at the canvas.

After moving to Israel, Irena gained a special insight about the spirituality that was found within the streets, walls and gates of Jerusalem. This can be seen in her many current works of art that depict scenes full of splendor and personality that come straight from the old city itself. Irena certainly puts both her heart and soul into all of her paintings, much to the delight of art lovers around the world. She is a very gifted artist who can see the very essence of what makes a city unique and apply this straight onto the canvas for all to see.


3 comments on “Irena Gendelman : Judaica Art takes a new prospective

  1. Very nice post , specially because it strengthens the Judaic Culture. “If your brother becomes impoverished and his hand falters with you, you shall hold on to him [strengthen him]…so that he can live with you” (Leviticus 25:35).

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