"boris dubrov judaica art"

“Alte Heime” Judaica Art, A View Through Boris Dubrov’s eyes…

“Alte Heime” Judaica Art, View Through Boris Dubrov’s eyes…

Judaica Art ~ Boris Dubrov

"boris dubrov judaica art"Like any fine art gallery and especially as a Judaica Art Gallery, we strive to represent a wide range of artists and styles of fine art. Born in Saint Petersburg in 1979, Boris Dubrov first started out in the artistic world at the age of five. Since then, he has developed his painting style and technique, first through art school and then through a lyceum focusing on the restoration of paintings. Here, he was introduced to surrealism, which then became one of his main fortes. In 1997, he moved to Israel, where he continued to grow artistically, creating Judaica Art works for numerous exhibitions around the world. By combining his unique background with the inspiration he draws from his present country of residence, Boris Dubrov has created some truly magnificent paintings.

As for his creative range, Boris has created artworks in a number of different styles. Through surrealism, he is able to tap into the human subconscious and bring to life the twisted forms that lie within our dreams and personal instincts. As well as this, thanks to his time in Israel, Boris has also created a number of more realistic pieces of Judaica art, in which he explores the history, symbolism and culture of the Jewish people. Finally, he has also embraced modernism in some of his works, drawing from different European and American sources of inspiration.

The extent of Boris Dubrov’s artistic creativity and talents are truly amazing in his Surrealism and Judaica Art works. He seems completely at home, whether creating art depicting landscape scenes of the Israeli countryside or fantastic images of figures and objects that should exist only within our dreams. He is also able to create purely abstract paintings, where shapes and forms blur into raw emotions, surging forth from the canvas. It will be interesting to see where Boris’s creativity will lead him to next, although we can be sure that it will be someplace exciting where the imagination runs wild and vivid images are brought to life before our very eyes.

Judaica Art



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