Dennis Bacchus: Back to Biblical times… Judaica Art

Dennis Bacchus: Back to Biblical times… Judaica Art

Dennis Bacchus, a Canadian-Israeli artist, specializing in Judaica Art.

Dennis is renowned for his originality and wide range of styles of artwork. His art (Judaica Art and other) is philosophical, romantic, and exquisite.

"Dennis Bacchus Chess Players "Mr. Bacchus describes his work as “Renaissance-type, influenced by the art and culture of classical antiquity.” Incredibly realistic, the paintings reflect the artists imagination.

He carefully studies historical data to most accurately recreate Biblical scenes. (His Judaica Art is actually inspired by Josephus Flavius works).

The goal of each piece is to capture the character in the spirit of the event to create a meaningful story.

"dennis bacchus temple view"

"Tranquility Dennis Bacchus"Most of his Judaica Art presented in our gallery are oil paintings on canvas created in a classical manner, including depictions from life in Ancient Judea, scenes from the Beit HaMikdash, Ruth and Boaz, Exodus and portraits of Jewish personalities.

See More Artworks by Dennis Bacchus HERE


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