"Dan groover jewish painting"

Dan Groover: From Paris Metro Graffitis to Spiritual Jewish Painting?


Dan Groover: From Paris Metro Graffitis to Spiritual Jewish Painting?

From the walls of the Parisian suburb to the walls 3 times millenary of Jerusalem… a new Jewish Painting world with Dan Groover

Dan Groover’s artistic carrier started (with no Jewish Paintingaspect … to say the least) with the apparition of the urban Hip-hop culture in the years 80 in Paris.  Through graffiti (wall painting with spray paint) the young man finds a tool to express his inspiration and sensitivity..

"dan groover jewish painting "

In 1995, his move from the Antilles to Jerusalem unveils a new transition in the life and artistic approach of Groover who becomes Dan Groover and where Jewish Painting, becomes a new journey.  Since he started to draw inspiration from the antic Aramaic and Hebrew writings, his painting which expressed the social and human, now talks of spirituality, uncovering an absolute truth which transcends man and his society.Jewish Painting with a Secular Background. A combo that will take him far…

"Dan groover jewish painting""Dan groover jewish painting

Dan Groover
Painter and Graffiti Artist

 Member of the HIP HOP – artists’ group with street performances in Paris, performing near the Eiffel Tower and “La Defenses”.

Art Studies at the Art Academy “Les Beaux-Arts”, of the Caribbean Islands.

Oct. 1990: 
First prize in a large graffiti competition that included artists from all over the Caribbean.

Feb. 1991: Exhibition of more than 30 paintings at the Epson Gallery Guadeloupe during the Gulf War, entitled: “When the Bombs Are Talking” [double meaning, “Bomb” being also the type of spray used].

Apr. 1991: Exhibition of 30 Acrylic paintings 90x60cm on canvas in Martinique, Caribbean.

May 1991: 
Realization of a 600m long mural project surrounding the Bay Mao Stadium in Guadeloupe (the world’s largest mural at the time).

Dec. 1991: Stage decoration for the Caribbean tour of the famous singer James Brown, which was presented in various locations.

Dec. 1991: Creation of a painting in support of children suffering from leukemia during a French T.V program.

Jan. 1992: Stage decorations for the live performance of the singer Mc Solar – MTV.

Mar. 1992:
 Background painting for the film “Siméon”, directed by Euzan Palsi (famous for the direction of the Oscar winning movie “ A Dry White Season”, featuring Marlon Brando).

Apr. 1992: Teaching of  the Basics of Mural Painting at a high school on the Caribbean Islands, and realization of an Art project with exhibition of the murals at the end of the course.

Nov. 1992 – Jan. 1993: Lecturer at the Academy of Arts “La Guardia School”, N.Y.C, where the T.V. series “Fame” was produced.

Feb. 1993: Exhibition entitled “the Labyrinth, the Act and the Ladder” on the Dutch Island St Bartholomew, in St Martin and Paris.

Aug. 1993: 
Took part in the International Jazz Festival “Aix Les Bains”, in the musical “Tagger Blue”, in which I featured as the artist and created a 2x10m background painting on stage.

Oct. 1994: Mural on a 4-story building in the framework of an environment project, with French governmental cooperation.

 Teaching of mural painting at the Atlit cultural center, Israel.

 Private studies of interior design. Creation of various projects: signposts, metal works (large Chanukiot and tables). Wall Illustration at ‘Center One’ Mall, Jerusalem and logo design for independent companies and individuals.

2003-2005: Preparation of a large exhibition of 22 paintings: “Vision Into the Holy Letters”, and completion of a six paintings series: “Perspective on  the Six Days Of Creation”, to be exhibited in Paris.

In 1988, Grooversettles down in the Antilles where the change in scenery and the easy way of life bring his painting to move from the wall to the canvas.  Groover then undertakes studies in the Art School of Martinique and studies philosophy and psychology as an autodidact.  His work exports itself then through various exhibitions and artistic projects from the Antilles to the US..

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