"Havdallah Dennis Bacchus Judaica Art"

Jewish Art of Dennis Bacchus

"Havdallah Dennis Bacchus Judaica Art"Dennis Bacchus is internationally known Canadian artist.  Collection of his art includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and other precious objects of fine art. Although painted realistically, artworks of Dennis Bacchus are not representing real situations . The main purpose of his art is to display visions, to materialize imagination rather than to copy physical reality. The artist considers each piece of art he creates as an opportunity to express both beauty and timelessness. All paintings by Dennis Bacchus are genuinely original and never based on existed works of other artists  . Stylistically art of Dennis Bacchus is a Renaissance type, influenced by the art of Classical Antiquity.

"Dennis Bacchus judaica art"Ordering of an Original Custom Painting procedure begins with discussion between the artist’s agent NER Art Gallery and the client with regards to the size and custom details of the painting. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total fee is required when the preliminary sketch is confirmed by the client . The balance is due when the finished painting is delivered. Framing costs and shipping fees are additional
 are being painted from live posing or from photographs taken by artist. Since we are living in a turbulently busy XXI century, sitting by hours in front of artist is not required. Instead, schedule for painting a custom portrait is very convenient: Artist himself takes photos and paints a portrait in his studio without presence of the client . The process of creating a portrait  takes from a week up to a few months depending on artist’s schedule , details of the painting etc .

"Dennis Bacchus Judaica Art"A Certificate Of Authenticity and a pledge not to repeat the piece in that size and medium again included with all artworks of Dennis Bacchus. The Art is a luxury good . Make sure you are acquiring a genuine one accompanied with a COA

Copyright on all artworks remains with the artist .The purchaser is granted possession of the artwork, but permission must be sought for any reproduction rights, and a further fee may be negotiable, depending on the nature of the request.


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